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Dilbert Aligns His Goals

Dilbert: I’m concerned that my personal goals do not align with our corporate strategy. For example, I would like to be happy. What does the company want? Boss: Well, nothing along those lines.


Wow… how much more true-to-life can a comic get? It’s not that the company doesn’t want you to be happy, but it’s simply not what they are paying you for. This reminds me of one of my favorite Despair posters:

Demotivation Poster from - Somtimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.
Demotivation Poster from


Ouch. Thanks Dilbert.


Really this should be taken as all other things that remind you


I had a work friend recently pass away. He might have been in his mid to late forties, not much older. Left three kids and a loving wife. Absolute tragedy and an absolute terrible thing for everyone affected by it. The world is worse off without him.

His passing is a terrible tragedy for the people most close to him, but for the people on the periphery of his life, it’s a good reminder that


This guy would answer emails at 7pm at night, he would be on the phone with his customers all day and all night. He manually trawled through giant Excel sheets trying to help pick out discrepancies for his customers. All WAY above and beyond what could be expected from any employee.

I miss him, but I can thank him one last time for his help. This time he helped me recognize those things I put off in life, talking more to my Mom, forgiving my sister, playing with my kid. That previous time is worth more than all the money in the world.


Source: Dilbert Aligns His Goals

Wally Drains Robot – Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-08-31 | Dilbert by Scott Adams

Robot: You killed ten thousand medical nanorobots by exposure to your bloodstream. That makes you the biggest mass murderer of robots in history. Gaaa!!! Why is my power supply draining so rapidly? Wally: Run.

I work with a guy that oozes about as much apathy as Wally does, yet he still manages to get his job done and be as obnoxious as Topper at the same time.

Source: Wally Drains Robot – Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-08-31 | Dilbert by Scott Adams