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Reading: The End of Big

Nicco Mele; St. Martin’s Press 2013


I’m actually rereading it for the second time. I don’t completely disagree with the premise that the Internet is shaking up and in many cases laying waste to the institutions born from previous eras. I do however disagree that this will be the end of all big institutions. Rather I believe that big institutions will come and go at a much more rapid clip than ever before.

Remember Tom?

How quickly did MySpace disappear? How quickly will Blackberry disappear into irrelevance? Has it already happened (hope not… own stock)



I am surrounded at work and my personal life by people that are searing off FB, logging in once a week instead of once a day. I no longer check my FB Messenger chats, reserving that for odd moments when I can’t get the endorphins rushing by refreshing my email.

At some point the big institutions that have been created will stick around for decades, but we aren’t through with Big yet. There is far too much disruption ahead in all fields to believe that we can accurately predict which companies will or will not be on top tomorrow.