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More important than anything else

When I started this blog, at least the original one back in 2000 whatever, it had very little to do with anything other than a place to digitally journal.  I’ve been well aware that I don’t write here as often as I do in my physical journal.  I’m equally well aware that I don’t have the most read blog, or that I don’t put much work into this.  I try to have a sense of humor about it.

Someone has entered my life who is much more important than this blog, and more important than almost anything else that has come before him.  My son has been born.  He’s a cute little guy.

A few weeks ago I had encountered the world of baby-centric tech, along with the predecessor pregnant-mom tech.  I thought these would be a good topic to research and learn more about.  I’ve realized that I’ll have plenty of opportunity to find out about this stuff on the way.  I’ve also realized how unimportant this is.

I’ve realized how unimportant my intentions for sorting my random collection (see messy stack) of maps for the revolutionary war battlegrounds are.  My fascination with FTPing files in the middle of the night is becoming far less important (except backups, always remember to backup!).  That random novel someone gave me months ago because I saw it on their shelf and they didn’t want it:  unimportant.

It’s not that my interests, or intentions for my career, or family have become less valid.  There simply are new priorities in my life.  I see most projects and tasks that weren’t really a priority before, losing ground very rapidly.

I am pursuing the same goals as I was before I had a kid, but I’ve gained a special insight into knowing when one of my projects is a complete waste of time, and when I should cut my losses.

What’s interesting is I feel this is going to give me a renewed joy and depth of interaction with the projects I do really enjoy, but don’t spend enough time on.  Like this blog.  Like calling my family, and long time friends.

Whatever projects I continue, or new goals I find for myself, they will all be viewed through a new daddy-sized lens.

Online now, for a limited time only! Act fast!

So probably everyone knows by now that Krista and I are traveling to Swaziland to volunteer with the Peace Corps as HIV and AIDS educators.  There is an incredible amount of information and discussion that I would love to have with all of you given the time.  Although I think I’m a little more nervous about the time than I need to be, I’m too familiar with the feeling of time slipping by, and don’t want to be trapped at the last minute.

With that in mind I have set out looking for the easiest way to distribute information, updates, photos, and notes online with the least amount of effort.  It’s difficult to want to type and maintain multiple social networks, when I know that the point of technology is to enable more efficient processes.  With that in mind I have set about a slightly complicated yet hopefully worthwhile attempt to maintain as much useful content as possible in one single upload.  If I have an internet connection once a month, it would be nice to have to write one post that reaches all my friends, and not have to write something for every network. 

This all starts with the blog at www.briandeyo.us.  I can use Windows Live Writer to compose blog entries offline, and will be able to post them when I am able to.  Once I post them to the main blog they should also update MySpace, Live Spaces and Facebook.  The biggest issue with this is any comments that are made on one network will not transfer over, so comments will still be disparate.  The easiest way around that is to ask all of you to check the website for updates and photos.  When I post something on the site it should update my status and write on my wall that I have posted something new.  It should be a link that you can follow to see the complete post. 

Sounds great in theory, but I’ll wait to see what happens after I publish this.  I haven’t fully tested this wonderful mass-publishing yet, so the results will be unpredictable for a few days.  In the meantime I will say that I am completely without a phone, check email a few times a day, but otherwise I’m very hard to get a hold of suddenly.  Additionally I’m starting to understand how debilitating it is in modern society to have the option of constant contact revoked.  Please look for me on Skype and check the site for any news or pictures that are worth seeing.  I will be more vigilant in my communications through this medium as long as an internet connection exists.