I get to have this website until I’m 63 years old.

A few years ago when I originally had a blog, the web hosting company I was with offered me a deal of a lifetime. Pay them a few hundred dollars and they would give me a wee bit of server space and bandwidth for nearly the rest of my life.

I believe that Technology can make the world a better place.

I believe that the world can be better tomorrow than it was today.

I’m eccentric, optimistic, cynical, collaborative, engaged, and passionate about technology.

I believe in Starting with Why.

I am an Essentialist.

I like Getting Things Done.

I practice a few good Habits.

You will find me in many strange places on the Internet, IRL, and occasionally on the darkweb. I want to learn about all things and experience a full life. I have a degree with “Applied Science” in it because I believe the world can be better for everyone through the creative application of technology and science appropriate to the situation at hand.

I also have been certified that I know How to Change the World.


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