Do you have what it takes to be one of the G.E.E.K.S?

I could have been doing something useful…

instead I did this:

It’s a very fun test posted on OKCupid. I started it for fun and about half way through it became slightly more interesting to create what I believed was a valid quiz for geekiness. It is obviously biased towards my definition of “geek” but could quite easily be expanded to ascertain how geeky someone is based off the simple criteria. I believe that even the term GEEK could stand be an acroynm for a complete subculture.

G = General Geekiness. This part of the quiz is really looking to seperate the occasionally geeky and the general populace. No knowledge of particle physics is required to scrore well on this part of the quiz. Or any part actually.

E = Education. Obviously a large portion of the gray matter in your skull is wrinkled due to your education. This part of the quiz gets a 5 question glimpse into what your range of education as it relates to science and technology is.

E = Egalitarianism. Isn’t it quite interesting that in both movies *AND* TV show Geeks always seem to understand “right” and “wrong” so much more clearly than other characters. I feel that geeks generally have a broader viewpoint of the world than many other subcultures. Geeks are also the most likely to self-incriminate when they are cogniscent of doing “wrong.”

K = Kook. There is no possible way that Geeks could be like everyone else. More importantly it’s important that eveyrone else is not a Geek. We need people who are artistic, empathetic, and inspirational in this world. Geeks sometimes wear two mismatched socks, one sock, or sometimes socks on their hands. These are the same people that recite Spaceballs and Monty Python until all members of the opposite sex have left the room. They will also where tin foil hats. Even though they say it is just for a joke… deep down, Geeks feel a sense of empowerment knowing just maybe their thoughts *are* finally shielded.

S = Swords. Every Geek has to undertand very few genres of movies. Required enjoyment for a Geek include the following: Science Fiction and Fantasy. If a person can’t argue why their “trilogy” is better than another person’s trilogy, then sadly that person is NOT a Geek. Likewise if someone complains that Fight Club was uninteresting, or that 300 was just senseless violence, than that person can not possibly be a Geek.*

*Note: Unless they are a film geek, in which case they are entitle to say they would have done something differently, but the conversation will still end with them stating “all in all it was pretty good.”


In all circumstances I challenge you to see just how geeky you are.  If you are reading this post then the odds are in your favor that you’re already pretty geeky.  I can’t think of something on this website that isnt’ somehow involved in Science or Technology.  Intereting note for this… I scored only a 91% on my own test.  Good luck! 

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